Jogging+ Outbond Dago-Lembang PP

Well, maybe u’ll think it was so crazy…but I think, it would be so nice when we do something special in our bornday… Like some records that I have written in my blog, I have added my records @ October 5th 2010 with jogging & outbond from Dago to Lembang on foot. Especially, I have done it with one of my special friends Chespiere Cool ( unreal name, just in facebook)… As a matter of fact, I have planned  to run from Taman Sari to Jati Nangor, but when I asked my friend accompanied me, he rejected it…And then, he suggested jogging to Lembang via Dago Giri because the view and the air were so natural and beautiful…..

So, in the morning @7.30 am, we met on Cisitu Baru Street, and we started to run…

It’s so crazy, because the track we have chosen was so many gradient and spent much of our physic…We have arrived in Dago Giri @9.00 am…

We just follow the road until we met footpath near GUNUNG BATU LEMBANG…We arrived there @9.30 and we spended for about 30 minutes in peak of GUNUNG BATU…We drink some juice and water and eaten gorengan (bala-bala, soybean cake), acid young mango, etc…

@10.00 am we planned to go back home…but we have tried another way that we never used before…

As the compensation, we’ve spended more time 2 get back home…

In the end, we arrived at home @ 2.15pm..

Oh, it was so crazy outbond!!

after that, my feet got cramp…and spend 2 days for recovery…haha

I wanna say thanks to Santi Puji Winarti 4 ur gift (watch)!!!u r d 2nd girl in my life who give me watch in my birthday, buat as a matter of fact eventhough I’m a busy and strategically man, I’m not used to use watch (tidak terbiasa memakai jam tangan), but I still keep it…Thanks a lot..Merci beacoup, gracias, arigato, hatur nuhun, trima kasih……



geologycal engineering @ Bandung Institute of Technology


~ by muchammadelri on October 18, 2010.

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